New Committee for Attard SC


After an AGM was held, there was the election of a new committee for the club. The committee is composed as follows:

President: Daniele Spadaro
Secretary: Timothy Spiteri
Treasurer: Etienne Deguara
PRO: Hector Scerri

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New Members for Attard Subbuteo Club

Four new members have joined Attard SC already early in the transfer season. These are Gordon Caruana, Sharlo Babara and Maria Coppola who are all new to the game and Robert Azzopardi who joins from Valletta SC.

Caruana (left) & Barbara (right)

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Daniel Spadaro wins Knock Out & Challenge Cup

Daniel Spadaro won the Attard SC Knock Out competition, the second most prestigious competition organised by the club after defeating Hector Scerri 1-0 in the final. The other players in attendance were Timothy Spiteri, Joseph M Debono and Etienne Deguara.

Spadaro also won the Attard SC Challenge Cup also against Hector Scerri. The score after full time was 1-1 however then Spadaro went on to beat Scerri 3-2 on shots.

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Massimo Cremona wins European Day Competition

Massimo Cremona added more silverware to his name after finishing top of the European Day Competition after beating Daniele Spadaro in the final. The trophies were presented by MEP Simon Busuttil who also sponsored this event. Mr Busuttil gave a short speech in which he emphasized the importance of sport in the EU as a means of bringing people from different parts of the EU together for the enjoyment of a common cause.

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Massimo Cremona wins Premier Division

Massimo Cremona won the Premier Division after winning a Championship Decider against Joseph Mifsud on shots after the 2 ended the season on equal points. Hector Scerri and Clint Abela Wadge were relegated to the First division. Darren Carabott won the first division on maximum points and has been promoted along with second placed Timothy Spiteri to the Premier Division. The full league tables can be found on the League Tables page.

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Massimo Cremona wins ASC Easter Cup

Massimo Cremona won the Attard Subbuteo Club Easter Cup for the second consecutive season after beating Joseph Mifsud on shots after a 1-1 draw. The competition was played at FX Dingli club on the 29th April

Full Results:
Joseph M.Debono vs Timothy Spiteri 0 3
Hector Scerri vs Joseph Mifsud 0 4
Massimo Cremona vs Darren Bezzina 6 0
Angelo Borg vs Darren Carabott 1 0

Timothy Spiteri vs Joseph Mifsud 1 11
Angelo Borg vs Massimo Cremona 1 4

Joseph Mifsud vs Massimo Cremona 1 1 (0-2 shots)

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Attard SC take part in Malta Grand Prix

Attard SC competed in the prestigious Malta Grand Prix Team event held on the 2nd April at the Victoria Hotel in Sliema. The team was composed of Daniele Spadaro, Hector Scerri, Simon Gauci, Marco Mifsud, Timothy Spiteri, Darren Carabott & Joseph M. Debono.

The team was drawn in a group of death against Europa League winners Atlas Athens. their Greek rivals and World Number 13, Falcons Athens & Cagliari Calcio Tavolo from Sardegna. Despite not progressing to the Knock Out Stage, this proved as a great experience for the players.

Full Results:

Attard SC vs Cagliari CT 0 4
SCERRI Hector vs LICHERI Emanuele 0 3
MIFSUD Marco/SPITERI Timothy vs OGNO Giuseppe 0 3 / 0 5
GAUCI Simon vs MIGLIAVACCA Enrico 0 1
SPADARO Daniel vs MANCA Massimo 1 2

Attard SC vs Falcons Athens 0 3

SPITERI Timothy vs DROSSOPOULOS Lambros 0 3
GAUCI Simon vs KOUTIS Giorgios 1 6
SPADARO Daniel vs HANTZARAS Spiros 1 3
MIFSUD Marco vs ALIADIS Panagiotis 2 2

Attard SC vs Atlas Athens 0 2

GAUCI Simon vs STAMATOPOULOS Dimitris 1 1
SCERRI Hector vs POULIDIS Argiris 0 1
MIFSUD Marco vs PLYTAS Eugene 2 2
SPADARO Daniel vs CONTI Derek 1 5

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Fiamme Azzurre Roma win Triangular League

Fiamme Azzurre Roma won the Triangular league organized by Attard SC on the 1st of April. This tournament was contested by Fiamme Azzurre, Attard SC and Bormla SC.

Fiamme Azzurre vs Attard SC 2-0
C.Napolitano vs D. Spadaro 1-1
P. Bartolomeo vs H. Scerri 2-2
M. Lauretti vs S. Gauci 1-0
S.Austin/H.Mallia vs D.Carabott 2-1

Bormla SC vs Fiamme Azzurre 1-3
M. Camilleri vs H.Mallia 0-5
G. Ebejer vs M. Lauretti 1-2
C. Aquilina vs C. Napolitano 6-0
J. Camilleri vs J. Mifsud 1-5

Attard SC vs Bormla SC 1-3
D. Carabott vs G. Ebejer 2-1
S.Gauci/H.Scerri vs J. Camilleri 1-3
T. Spiteri vs M. Camilleri 2-4
D. Spadaro/C.A.Wadge vs C.Aquilina 0-4

Final Table:
Fiamme Azzurre 6pts
Bormla SC 3pts
Attard SC 0pts

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Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi visits Attard SC

Malta Prime Minister, the Honorable Lawrence Gonzi, visited Attard Subbuteo Club, also present were the Honorable Minister for Health Dr Cassar and the Honourable David Agius. Dr Gonzi was presented with a Memento of Attard SC as well as the club’s Kit.

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Triangular League

Attard Subbuteo Club will be organising a Triangular League on the 1st April 2011, at the club’s premises at FX Dingli Club, Main Street, Attard.

The competition will be contested between Attard Subbuteo Club, Bormla Subbuteo Club and the visiting club from Italy, Fiamme Azzurre Roma.

After the competition there will be a Pasta Night organised at the Club. Anyone wishing to attend can book by contacting Mr Joseph M. Debono on 21414712.




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