Attard SC take part in Malta Grand Prix

Attard SC competed in the prestigious Malta Grand Prix Team event held on the 2nd April at the Victoria Hotel in Sliema. The team was composed of Daniele Spadaro, Hector Scerri, Simon Gauci, Marco Mifsud, Timothy Spiteri, Darren Carabott & Joseph M. Debono.

The team was drawn in a group of death against Europa League winners Atlas Athens. their Greek rivals and World Number 13, Falcons Athens & Cagliari Calcio Tavolo from Sardegna. Despite not progressing to the Knock Out Stage, this proved as a great experience for the players.

Full Results:

Attard SC vs Cagliari CT 0 4
SCERRI Hector vs LICHERI Emanuele 0 3
MIFSUD Marco/SPITERI Timothy vs OGNO Giuseppe 0 3 / 0 5
GAUCI Simon vs MIGLIAVACCA Enrico 0 1
SPADARO Daniel vs MANCA Massimo 1 2

Attard SC vs Falcons Athens 0 3

SPITERI Timothy vs DROSSOPOULOS Lambros 0 3
GAUCI Simon vs KOUTIS Giorgios 1 6
SPADARO Daniel vs HANTZARAS Spiros 1 3
MIFSUD Marco vs ALIADIS Panagiotis 2 2

Attard SC vs Atlas Athens 0 2

GAUCI Simon vs STAMATOPOULOS Dimitris 1 1
SCERRI Hector vs POULIDIS Argiris 0 1
MIFSUD Marco vs PLYTAS Eugene 2 2
SPADARO Daniel vs CONTI Derek 1 5

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